Dress for a Date

Dress For a Date

Let your face talk
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It’s all about math, well almost! Eventually,
attraction is about your face and its symmetry.
Studies of 42 species have connected symmetry with  appeal,
according to the Human Behaviour.

On him:
printed shirt, Wills Clublife
On her:
printed top, FCUK, mettalic belt worn as cuff & Esprit

Colour her crazy
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If you want her to pay complete attention to you
during the date and keep thinking of you
long after the date is over, wear pink.
“Pink is a colour that gives out vibrations
which indicate level-headed stability.
As such, women who are high-strung are attracted to men
wearing pink as they perceive them to be emotionally stable,�

On him:
baby pink shirt, Calvin Klein, black trouser
On her:
sheer top, Wills Clublife, denims, Gant

Scent Seduction
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Unleash the beast within her
with some animal hide in your wardrobe.
 A wellpreserved leather jacket has oils in it,
which release a natural fragrance that
 women are inherently attracted to.

On him:
tan, leather jacket, Da Milano;
skin-coloured T-shirt, Tommy Hilfiger,denims,
 Calvin Klein, flip flops, Puma

On her:
 dress, Just Casuals, pink bolero, Esprit,
ballerina flats, Bangkok flea market

Project Strength
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Women like broad shoulders
as they convey strength and confidence.
About 22% women in a study rated them
as a man’s sexiest part.
 try to wear a T-shirt
 with raglan sleeves
(these are sleeves which have diagonal seams
from the armpit to the neck).
 The seams and the contrasting colour make your
shoulders appear broader and more prominent.

On him:
navy raglan sleeve T-shirt,
 Converse, denims, Gant

On her:
black ganji style T-shirt,
Kazo, denim skirt, Gant

Show off your manhood
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No, keep your underwear on!
 One thing that women unconsciously notice
in men is their waist-to-hip ratio.
 In cross-cultural studies,
women rated men with 0.8 to 0.95 ratios
(which is almost a straight line)
as most appealing.
And the factor
which determines this ratio is your manhood.

On him:
straight line, tailored dinner jacket, Ashish Soni,
 pink shirt, FCUK, trousers, FCUK, loafers, Viavero

On her:
animal print maxi, Aftershock,
satin stilettos, Venus Steps

Heighten her senses
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Women prefer to date tall men
and will always opt for a man taller than them,
than someone who’s their height or shorter.
In fact a study of more than 10,000 people found that
 men who were 6ft tall were more likely than
 average height men to be married and have kids.

On him:
 pinstripe suit, Allen Solly, contrast collar and cuff shirt,
 Ashish N Soni, belt, Paul Smith, cuffl inks,
Paul Smith, brown brouges, Paul Smith,

On her:
green print maxi,
Kazo, strap stiletto, Venus Steps
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