10 foods that are Wrongly Considered

10 foods that are Wrongly Considered

Advertising, as you know, the engine of progress and commerce. And more than her on screen, the more profit for sellers. We are already used that advertising tells us what is good and what is bad. And some people actually believe it! In this post I will tell you about the ten foods that are considered useful because of advertising, though in reality their usefulness – is a relative term. Let us proceed …



Breakfast cereal.Click Here To Join

Cereals are famous for their useful and nutritious, they are recommended for weight loss. However, read the packaging of breakfast cereals: often contain lots of sugar and salt, and all the vitamins and minerals in the product have a chemical origin.



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It contains useful for human health oats and nuts. However, the consumption of these bars effect on raising blood sugar as well as their composition is corn syrup. And some of the bars contain chocolate chips, which puts them on par with candy.



Yogurt with added fruit.Click Here To Join

Fat-free – does not mean that useful. On the package states that the composition of yogurt is sugar, corn syrup or artificial sweeteners. Same thing with low-fat frozen yogurt, which can contain 20 grams. sugar 1 / 2 cup.



Bread.Click Here To Join

Delicious bread, are not always good for health. Whole grains or whole wheat sometimes mean nothing. Dark bread can contain corn syrup and trans fats. Therefore, excessive consumption of this product will certainly affect your weight.



Sandwiches.Click Here To Join

Often referred to as “light”, but the sandwiches contain sugar, salt, protein and too much white bread.



Fruit juice.Click Here To Join

Even 100% fruit juice contains sugar, fructose often. It is known that excessive amounts of fructose leads to obesity, increased cholesterol levels.



Sports drinks.Click Here To Join

They are designed to replenish your body with electrolytes, carbohydrates and other useful substances. But in fact, sports drinks – it’s Sweetened water, 1 bottle contains 30 oz. sugar.



Fast-food salads.Click Here To Join

You will never lose weight sugar contained in the leaves of lettuce and toast made with white flour. Sometimes it’s better to order a double cheeseburger than a chicken salad.



Frozen foods.Click Here To Join

There is nothing wrong with frozen vegetables or fruits. However, most frozen foods is often erroneously considered “light” and “useful.” In fact, it is processed food, which included a lot of sugar and salt.



Diet soda.Click Here To Join

It contains artificial sweeteners, something like aspartame, which is approximately 200 times sweeter than sugar. Are you sure you want to risk their own health?

Chewy bars.

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